Score based on the data collected by the inspector

The Goal: Assign a score to the overall property condition based on the data collected by the inspector
-Measure physical condition
-Objective & consistent
-Accommodates all property types & configurations

REAC: Top 5 Deficiencies
It is always good to note that preparing for a REAC inspection is important. It is important to note that these were the results of calculations in July, 2012.

The top 5:
Rank Area Item Deficiency # Rec.
1 Units Doors Damaged Hardware/Locks 81,616
2 Units Kitchen Refrigerator –Missing/Damaged/Inoperable 51,006
3 Units Doors Damaged Surface-Holes/Paint/Rusting/Glass 25,722
4 Units Bathroom Lavatory Sink – Damaged/Missing 25,199
5 Units Walls Missing Pieces/Holes/Spalling* 23,486

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Professional Inspections Score
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