“Professional Inspections and Consulting Services is fantastic!! Omar is extremely professional, helped my company pass two REACS, found all of the issues that we needed to fix and taught us the current HUD hot spot items that they are looking at for deficiencies.”

— Jennifer Wheatley, Regional Manager Millennia Housing Management

I have known Omar Hazim with Professional Inspections for 15 years. I have worked with him through REAC inspections on my properties, as well as a consultant. I used Mr Hazim as a consultant on properties with facility challenges. My experience was very positive, he eliminated point loss for my REAC inspections by thoroughly performing a pre-inspection on the units, all exterior and common areas.

Had I not used Professional Inspections prior the REAC our deficiencies would have contributed to a much lower score. By using this service, we had time to make corrections before the REAC inspection.


Mr Hazim was always prompt, thorough, and very professional. He provided valuable documentation after his inspections on issues needing correction. I feel confident in recommending Professional Inspections. He is not only thorough, but also easy to communicate with as he was always available for any questions, please feel free to contact us. –  jpatterson@yarco.com

— Judy Patterson, Regional Property Manager for Yarco Company

Working with Professional Inspections and Consulting Services and Omar Hazim over the years has been more than successful.  Omar has not only coached us in obtaining higher scores for our REAC inspections, but has also provided expert advice in handling the many challenges we all come across with these critical assessments. Omar’s insight on finding practical solutions has been extremely helpful.  I never realized how beneficial pre-inspections could be until I started working with Omar.  And, just as important, Omar’s ability in effectively working with both managers and maintenance personnel in seeking solutions and sharing his years of knowledge is immeasurable.  I highly recommend Omar Hazim and  Professional Inspections and Consulting Services for any of your REAC pre-inspections, consulting projects, or other assignments relating to the many daily maintenance and preventive maintenance needs you may have.  Please feel free to contact me for any additional questions you may have.

— Bruce Margolin, Regional Property Manager for Yarco Company

Omar Hazim with Professional Inspections performed a pre-inspection prior to the REAC for two properties that the company that I work for manages. One of them was a historic property built in the early 1900’s. He did a very thorough job and provided a detailed report of everything that needed to be completed prior to the REAC. By working with Mr. Hazim we were able to attain a score of over 90% on this nearly 100 year old property. His professionalism and thoroughness helped obtain wonderful results and I look forward to doing business with him again soon!

— Brandy L. Alcorn

As Director of Property Management of a Kansas City management and development firm, I have known Omar Hazim and Professional Inspections & Consulting Services for many years.  Our firm has used them to provide detailed and full property inspections using REAC protocol on several occasions.  Professional Inspections & Consulting has always provided responsive and knowledgeable inspection services to us.  We will continue to use Mr. Hazim whenever we need a professional who is thorough and on top of any recent regulatory changes.

— Jan Kennedy, UMIKC Company

I, Kara Koons, the Property Manager of Jeny Lind Hall Apartments would like to highly recommend Omar, with Professional Inspections. He was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable regarding the repairs my property needed. Omar was fast to advise me on the condition of my property and provided me with what repairs were needed.

The Inspection score was very accurate and true to the requirements needed for the HUD inspectors requirements. As a Property Manager, it is very important to me and my Company to have the most knowledgeable contractors working for us, so that we get the best outcome from their services. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns.


— Kara Koons, Property Manager Millennia Housing Management, LTD

Omar Hazim has held four (4) mock HUD REAC Inspections for our multi-family and public housing properties.  Mr. Hazim’s  extensive knowledge concerning current updates and dealing with REAC has been instrumental in our properties passing HUD REAC Inspections and giving our staff the comprehension of REAC Inspections.  He has rendered first hand teaching instructions to our maintenance and on-site training.

Our experience with Omar has been superior and awarding. His knowledge and ability to educate with hands on instruction is second to none.  We highly recommend him in any endeavors he is pursuing.

— Yvonne Cox, President Majestic Management
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