Omar Hazim of Professional Inspections & Consulting Services has been certified as a HUD/REAC (US department of Housing and Urban Development/ Real Estate Assessment Center) inspector since 1999. He has completed thousands of REAC/HUD and Mortgage inspections over the years. Professional Inspections and Consulting Services advice benefits the property owners, agents, managers and the tenants. It’s a win-win for all concerned parties.

Our reports are comprehensive and easy to read. We assist you in understanding the condition of your properties and can identify areas which may cause problems in the future. We will also answer questions or concerns your staff may have before, during and after the inspection. Our inspections are hands on training, instructing, advising and revealing what to expect in case you are preparing for a HUD/REAC or MORTAGE INSPECTION.

This type of inspection leads to intelligent compliance with the standards by which you are judged. All the inspections are conducted on a handheld computer, finalized with a complete detailed computer generated report of said inspection. We can perform 100% inspections, or as many buildings or units of your choosing.

The inspections are performed according to the uniform physical condition standards. These standards are based on the HUD guidelines for protocol and codes of conduct. Our services include complete physical inspections utilizing the most recent UPCS protocol for housing authority dwelling units, multi-family properties, single family units, scattered sites, exteriors site, building systems and common areas.

We are able to generate a prioritized list to observed deficiencies by highest point value to lowest value, for generation of work orders, so you may weigh these against actual cost and your long term and short term planning. We are ready to assist you with our expertise and knowledge in this valuable field. All inspections are conducted in a pleasant an professional manner.


Omar Hazim

Certified HUD Inspector

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