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Inspection objective to insure and provide a impartial and thorough inspection from our inspectors. We work for you alone so the results of our inspection will never be shared without your consent. We offer a competitive fee structure. Give us a call for specific quotes. For your convenience, our inspection services are offered seven days a week at no additional charge. The final inspection report can be expedited by email or fax immediately upon conclusion. We will also provide you with a printed copy of the report.

Scores Calculated based on:
Professional Inspections Score
Property Inspection Phase
Property Inspection Phase

We offer your organization or company the opportunity for professionally trained inspectors to perform an analysis of your property the actual REAC. We use HUD’s UPCS process to find all deficiencies available. Our searchable detailed web based report is available to anyone with an active id. You may also download the reports to an Excel worksheet or to a PDF document.

▪ All inspectors are experts of the REAC and UPCS inspection protocol
▪ Diagnostics go further to determine solutions and predict outcomes to the found problems

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Inspection Services
Inspection Services

Hundreds of properties REAC Inspections throughout the country receive failing scores each month. As a result, most owners and agents do not submit the necessary inspection appeals that could save hundreds of hours of aggravation and the risk of losing subsidy. Our specialists will perform a pre-Reac inspection in the five inspectable areas: units, common areas, site, exterior and building systems. The vast majority of troubled properties that we have inspected received scores of 90+.

Our Services Include:
▪ Pre REAC Inspection

▪ Preparation

▪ Training

▪ REAC Seminars

▪ Preventative Measures

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Full-Service HUD REAC Inspection Service

Comprehensive Pre-REAC Inspections

Our professionals offer complete HUD REAC preparation services to property managers and mortgage companies nationwide.

 We work with owners, managers, and investors nationwide and assist with correcting existing noncompliance issues, or help to ensure that your properties are always in compliance. We help our clients understand what they need to do to get great scores.

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    Professional Inspection Services
    Professional Inspection Services
    Professional Inspection Services
    Professional Inspection Services
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